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Photo of the Month Competition

Do keep sending us your photos. We love looking through them and selecting the best each month. In 2022 we want photographs that fit a theme. Each theme lasts two months. The themes are:

  • January-February: People
  • March-April: Prosperity
  • May-June: Planet
  • July-August: Get Creative
  • September-October: Peace
  • November-December: Partnerships

Criteria for selection of Photographs

SIGBI needs a stock of photos that we can use time and time again in our promotional material, so we need them to be excellent quality, high resolution and pertinent.  By sending us your photographs you give SIGBI permission to use them.

Before sending your photo to, check that it meets the following:

  • It is relevant to this month’s theme (the themes are not restrictive, so many photographs will fit into each theme, but what is it about your photograph that encapsulates the theme? The “Get Creative” theme gives wider scope for originality).
  • It tells a story. No words are needed as it is clear what the picture represents.
  • It evokes an emotion (laughter, sadness, thoughtfulness).
  • It includes the SIGBI branding in some form, eg banner visible, members wearing branded clothing etc (this is desirable but not essential).
  • It is high resolution (what is the file size? Anything over 1Mb should be ok).
  • Are all the important subjects well lit, and the photo is not blurred with good focus?
  • Have you used the guidance on producing a good photo to compose the photograph?

Thank you. We look forward to receiving your pictures.

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