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This is the most popular social media site with our Members. Facebook is great for connecting with your friends, family and fellow Soroptimists. As well as sharing your own stories, you can also follow pages and join groups.

Once you have joined Facebook, it’s usual to join in by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts from other people or pages as well as posting your own material. By doing so the messages about what we do get spread out further and further in a ripple effect. Why not start by liking the pages for your own club, region/network, and SIGBI?  Click here to Like SIGBI’s Facebook Page.

The picture below shows an example of a Facebook post and gives tips and pointers on what to add. Click on it to access a full size version:

There are various interest groups you can join to chat. These are a few on Facebook that you may be interested in:

Soroptimist International GBI – Closed group just for Members. Join group.
Soroptimist Generation X – Closed group for SI Members born from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. Join group.
SIGBI Communications – Closed group for anyone involved in communications within our Federation. Join group.
Soroptimist Associates – Closed group for SIGBI Associate Members. Join group.

Hashtag – Use the hashtag #WhySoroptimist on all your social media activity wherever possible.

Square Logo for Social Media

Many SIGBI Clubs now have Facebook accounts/page. If you want to use the SIGBI dynamic S logo as the profile picture, then the image needs to be square, so you can download the version shown here. Click the logo to open it in a new tab, full size, then download it. You can resize as required.






Facebook Page Headers

Here are two sample headers which are the correct size for Facebook. Right-click on the image and choose ‘save’ to download to your own computer.


Facebook Adverts

Have you considered running a Facebook advert to attract local women to your Club? We have produced a step by step guide to help you set up a Facebook Advert. Social Media How To Guide – Facebook Adverts

Run a Social Media Workshop

You could run your own Social Media workshop in your Club or Region to help people to get going and encourage use. You can use the PowerPoint Presentation and Handout below or edit it as you wish.

Facebook Posts and Social Media Disclaimer

If you use Facebook, then you may be interested to read some useful information that we have put together about why you may not be seeing all the news that SIGBI posts, and what steps you can take to remedy that. We have also put together some advice to consider when posting items to the SIGBI Facebook Account, in the form of a Social Media Disclaimer. If you use Facebook or Twitter then please read this:

Social Media Sharing Tip

Are you sharing news in the correct place?

If you have a Club news story or information you’d like to share publicly, please post this on the public Facebook page – This will then be available for everyone to see and be great for generating interest from both Members and non-Members.

If you have something you ONLY want other Soroptimists to see, then post this in the Closed Facebook Group – Soroptimist GBI – discussions in this group can only be seen by approved Members of the group.

SIGBI Social Media Stats

See the latest social media stats to see how far a single post can reach when shared by enough people:

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