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Call out for 16 Days of Activism Photos – December 2021 Soroptimist News

We need your 16 Days of Activism photos for the back page of the December 2021 issue. We will only be able to use about 8 photographs so the best ones will be chosen. Please send them to us by Monday 6 December 2021. As the 16 Days starts on 25 November 2021, we believe that this will give you enough time.

With your photograph please provide about 50 words in text explaining what you did. Thank you.

Club News for February 2021 Soroptimist News

Club News is Back!! We need your Club News for the February 2021 issue. This will be a double-page spread so up to 16 items can be included. Items which do not make it into the February issue may be rolled over for consideration for future issues if they meet the criteria.

There is no theme, it can be anything you want to tell the world about, but preference will be given to the most interesting items and those which are accompanied by an excellent, high-resolution, good quality photograph.

Explain your photograph in no more than 50 words.

Thank you, we look forward to receiving your items of Club News. The deadline for the February 2021 issue is 10 January 2021.

New! Letters page starting February 2021 Soroptimist News

Do you have a burning issue you would like to share? Do you have a question to ask?

Please send a letter of 60-80 words, by email to, clearly stating in the subject line that it is a letter for Soroptimist News.

Please do not complain about your Club or the Organisation. Such matters have different outlets. Remember that the magazine is for non-Members as well, so topics may be something that’s happening in the world that you have a view on, or that you think Soroptimists should be tackling. You might want to know what SIGBI HQ is doing about a certain situation.

All letters will be reviewed by a panel. There may be reasons for not publishing a letter, in which case the sender will be informed. Points of view will be published as they are, and questions will be published with a response from the relevant Board member.

Thank you, we look forward to receiving your letters. The deadline for receipt for each issue is 8th of the month prior to the month of publication.

Submitting Articles for Soroptimist News

From May 2021, the online version of Soroptimist News has increased in size, to allow for more Club News to be included. We may ask for particular themes, so watch out for requests in the Club Mailings.

Items of Club News submitted will be chosen using the following criteria:

  1. The most innovative
  2. Good Photograph – see the guidance on taking good photographs
  3. The most impact

Read the Editorial Policy below for important information to consider when submitting an item of Club News for Soroptimist News:

Using the Soroptimist News App

Download the Soroptimist News App and get notifications when  a new issue of published. The guide below tells you how to install and use the Soroptimist News App:

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