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Club Editor’s User Guide

Please see below the Club Editor’s User Guide.

Note: The Guides are updated from time to time, so it is a good idea to press F5 when you view them to refresh the screen and make sure you are viewing the latest version.

Website Video Tutorials

We are building up a library of website video tutorials aimed at Club Website Editors, which are being added to the page below. If the video you need is not yet there please do contact to see if one is planned or can be added to the list of required tutorials.

One video is a general tour of the website so that you know where to find things. This is aimed at all members, and  a link to the video is also included below:

Use of Images on Websites

The use of images on websites and social media is increasing, but not all images available are copyright-free, and to ensure you do not contravene any copyright laws, we have produced a checklist on how to check whether it is ok to use a particular image:

Note: Clubs will be held accountable for any illegal use of images on their websites and will need to pay any resulting costs demanded by copyright solicitors. Refusal to pay costs may result in legal action which could bring SIGBI into disrepute, but if settled early the costs can often be negotiated downwards. Do not ignore such demands, but if you have doubts about whether a demand is genuine or not then SIGBI would be happy to advise. SIGBI will not pay or subsidise any costs arising from copyright infringement.

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