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Programme Action

Welcome to the Programme section of the members’ website.  These pages give you  information to help you carry out your Programme Action work within your Club or Region/National Association/Network.

The sub-pages in this section are:


If you are partnering with another organisation on a project (a partner is someone with whom you are actively engaged in carrying out a project, not someone to whom you donate funds or goods) please remember to tick SDG17. For other joint support such as attending each other’s meetings, signing joint letters etc please use the partnership box at the start of the PFRF form and explain what you do in the boxes describing your project.

SI Advocacy Guidelines

For advice on what constitutes advocacy and how to undertake advocacy, please see SI’s Advocacy Guidelines:

SIGBI Day of Action

The SIGBI Day of Action is held on the 3rd Saturday in July each year. The 2022 Day of Action focussed on Climate Change, and a map was produced of activities that took place during the month of July.

Use of UN logos

SIGBI is an Organisation in Category 2 Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2013.

With this Status come many privileges but also obligations and responsibilities, one of which is that we do not use the United Nations or ECOSOC logos on our stationery, business cards, websites, meeting banners, cars, office buildings, etc.

Instead we may use the following form of words on our letterheads below the name of our organisation:

“SIGBI is an Organisation in Category 2 Status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 2013”

UN Women App for Smart Phones

UN Women have produced an app on Women’s Human Rights.  This could be a useful resource, making it easier to gain access to information you might require for documents, statements, presentations and speeches on women’s human rights and gender issues.  The app can be downloaded to your smart phone (Apple, Android or Blackberry) and/or your tablet by using the links below or you can search the app store for “UN Women”:

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