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Diamond Education Grant

(charity number 1139668)

This page contains information about the Diamond Education Grant that is for members only.  The aim is to encourage donations, but in order to donate via PayPal you will need to go to the Diamond Education Grant page on the public-facing part of the website.

Alternatively you can send a cheque, made payable to the Diamond Education Grant, to SIGBI Ltd, 2nd Floor, Beckwith House, 1-3 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 1AF.

If you wish to donate via credit/debit card, then please contact SIGBI HQ on 0161 480 7686.

Donations from individuals can be gift-aided, providing the donor pays an amount of tax equal to ALL gift-aided donations they they have made.  Please complete and return the Gift Aid form with your donation.

Unfortunately, donations received from Clubs cannot be gift-aided, unless the donation is accompanied by a list of donors and the amount each of them have donated, and they have signed a “gift aid” column against their name.

Recycling in aid of the Diamond Education Grant

Many Clubs have successfully used the jewellery recycling service to fund raise for past SIGBI Projects and their own Projects, and we now ask you to consider continuing this great method of raising funds in aid of the Diamond Education Grant.  SI Milford Haven is currently doing this in conjunction with “Recycling for Good Causes”.

Please encourage your Members to support this project so that we can continue to transform the lives of women and meet our goal to educate, empower and enable.  Clubs can raise funds by simply collecting recyclable items such as jewellery (made of any material), watches, rings, old bank notes and coins or gadgets such as Sat Navs, Games Consoles and Games, Tablets, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, iPods and Laptops of any age.

The smaller items can be posted in a padded envelope to FREEPOST Licence RSXA-GJBY-ARRZ, Soroptimist International DEG, Unit 14 Amber Business Village, Tamworth, B77 4RP.  For gadgets please request a sack from Erene Grieve at or 01646 278826, fill it and then request collection from

Don’t Delay Start Recycling Today!

Purpose of the Diamond Education Grant

Each year, a recipient of a grant is asked to speak at Conference, to say how the grant has helped them to further their education and improve their career prospects.  Awardees are also asked to send a short report, with photograph if possible, so that we have some information on how they have benefitted from receiving a grant.

The purpose of this Fund (set up as a registered charity in 1977 as the Golden Jubilee Fellowship) is to make grants to help women to advance their education. The Fund Trustees concentrate on assisting recipients to update their skills, particularly after an unemployment break, or to acquire new skills, thereby improving their opportunities for employment and promotion. Applicants do not have to be Soroptimists (and usually are not); the only requirement is that they are female and resident in one of the countries of our Federation.

122 applications for help were made to the Fund in 2012-2013, mainly from the United Kingdom, but also from Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Assistance was sought for courses as diverse as furniture upholstering to an MSc in primate conservation.

Grants totally £8,000 have been awarded to 16 applications (as opposed to 17 last year), with the Committee concentrating on those applicants where the grants would make a real difference and where the prospects for a successful outcome were good.

An awardee from 2012 Leanne Ross (pictured) applied for help in funding a Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting —

A career in interpreting would allow me to support my family and choose my working hours, so my work/life balance would be better.” She was awarded £750 towards her costs of £7,750.

A blind 33 year old applied for funding in the current year to buy specialised equipment to help her to continue with a Masters degree in creating writing –

I can’t continue to the second year of my course without getting the new equipment as I will have to run my own workshops and I won’t be able to without a Braille display”. The Fund gave her a grant of £500 towards the cost of £6,200.

The extent to which the Fund can assist these and other applicants is severely limited by the size of its capital base which stands at just over £100K at 31.03.13. This is before the 2013 grants are paid out and so every year the Fund is being eroded. Much more needs to be done to put the Fund’s long term future on a secure footing and a major drive for legacies is planned.