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Violence and Conflict Resolution

Assistant Programme Director for Violence & Conflict Resolution – Nisha Ghosh

Nisha Ghosh - web

A look back on 2017

Conferences have a celebratory note about them. A celebration of the organization just short of its 100th year and a celebration of its work- an outreach to women and girls in communities in around 125 countries.

Conferences also become occasions for awards for best practices. As are stage presentations of strong meaningful projects –constant efforts to connect local to global. A look at projects with the objective of Elimination of violence, conflict resolution and peace promotion shows how ingeniously Soroptimists adopt roles for themselves, when they reach out to women and girls.

Soroptimist are advocates of change:

  • Lobbying for Prison Reform
  • SI Nigeria‘s efforts to Break the Silence against sexual violence
  • Encouraging men and boys to rally with placards through the White Ribbon campaign
  • Participating in the anti-trafficking survey
  • Raising awareness about human trafficking and the need to be vigilant through the Purple Teardrop Campaign in UK and Republic of Ireland
  • Talking and distributing literature and holding rallies.

Soroptimists are advocates of diversity and inclusiveness:

  • Sponsoring diverse groups to attend the Music Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
  • Supporting diverse petitions such as the Handicap International petition or the Online petition to stop the indiscriminate bombing of civilians
  • Soroptimists of Kidderminster learning about different cultures and sampling a selection of foods
  • Helping Syrian refugees to learn the western social milieu language
  • Joining in the celebration of festivals of the Indian communities.

Soroptimists are listeners:

  • Sunrise Café project of SI Canterbury, giving women a chance to talk about trauma and domestic abuse
  • Listening to the horrific experiences of refugee asylum seekers
  • Empathizing to the issue of the Yezidi community
  • A deeper understanding of all three faiths by listening at an interfaith meeting

Soroptimists are peace brokers:

  • Raising awareness of the need for peace by lighting candles celebrating Peace Day
  • SI Port of Spain encouraging young students to write poetry on peace impressing upon the young to visualize
  • SI Aberdeen engaging university students in writing messages of peace on paper doves
  • Supporting Amnesty International campaigns

Soroptimists are empowering agents:

  • Raising awareness of FGM and educating women on their rights and the law
  • Soroptimists in India and Nigeria are advising women on their rights

In short Soroptimists are women who inspire change and transform lives. More power to them in 2018.

Nisha Ghosh
Assistant Programme Director
Violence and Conflict Resolution