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Online Programme Database

To put your reports onto the SIGBI Programme Database, log into the Members’ area of the website and click on the “Manage Membership and Programme Databases button” at the bottom of the page.  The button to Add a Programme Report is prominent within this section, and is available to ALL Members, so that the Programme Action Officer can delegate the inputting of reports to other Members and does not have to do it all herself.

The instructions for inputting reports has been added to the instruction manual for the Manage Directory facility, which is available from a link within the Manage Directory section of the website, and can also be accessed using the link below.

Any Member can also search for reports (only reports input since 2011 have been moved over from the SI Database) by clicking the “Search Membership and Programme Databases” button.  Again, instructions can be accessed below and from the Search Directory section of the website.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please send them to for consideration:

SIGBI Programme Database Report Template

We have been asked by several Programme Action Officers to provide a Word template for Clubs to complete offline, so that they can get the wording right for their reports before submitting them online.  Please see below a link to a Word document which we hope will help.  Notes on how to complete fields have been included as an Appendix, so that they can be printed once and retained for reference, but can then be deleted from the version of the report that you save to complete to save on paper when printing your reports.  We hope that you find this form useful, and the print can be copied (CTRL + C) from the Word document and pasted (CTRL + V) into the online form so you do not need to retype this information:

Exemplar PFRFs

Saving Reports to complete Later

To avoid “timing-out” when completing your report, particularly if it is taking a long time or you need to refer to other information to produce it, we recommend that you save the report after completing each Step.  This is particularly important after completing Step 3 “The Story of your Project”, as this is the most wordy section.

Click the “Save Report to Complete Later” button AFTER completing Step 3 and BEFORE clicking Next to go to Step 4.  You will remain within your report, so you can continue to edit it.

If you click Submit at the end of completing the report, then it will go through for approval and you will not be able to retrieve it. However, if you are either thrown out of the system or decide to leave it for a while, then you can retrieve the report simply by going to “Manage Saved Programmes” instead of “Add Programme Report”. A list of your saved projects is displayed, and you can either edit and then submit them, or delete them if you wish.


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