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Programme Webinar 24 April 2021

A webinar was held on 24 April 2021 to discuss the future of Programme and how Programme and Membership are co-dependent.

A summary of the webinar (including feedback from the six Breakout Rooms, which could not be recorded) is below.

The three presentations (as PDFs with speaker notes) and the videos of the three speakers are also below.

Summary and feedback from Breakout Sessions

PDFs of Presentations

Links to the videos:

Word Template PRF Form

As described in the Webinar Report, the Word PRF template now only contains the text fields in Step 2. Please complete the template form so that you can simply copy and paste the contents of each field to the online form. This will reduce the length of time it takes to complete the form and provide a record of your report for you to keep:

Exemplar PFRF

As agreed at the Webinar, these are the exemplar PFRFs:

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