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Club Editor’s User Guide

Please see below the Club Editor’s User Guide and the Best Practice Guide. The Club Editor’s User Guide was last updated on 1 June 2020 and is now split into three parts, so you can just view the one you need:

  • Club Editor’s User Guide
    • Part 1: Getting Started, using the different editors and everything to do with Pages and Posts
    • Part 2: images, links, PDFs, videos, general editing tips and Word tables.
    • Part 3: Change your Home Page, Social  Feeds/Links and Club Menus
  • Best Practice Guide

Website Video Tutorials

We are building up a library of website video tutorials aimed at Club Website Editors, which are being added to the page below. If the video you need is not yet there please do contact to see if one is planned or can be added to the list of required tutorials.

One video is a general tour of the website so that you know where to find things. This is aimed at all members, and  a link to the video is also included below:

Use of Images on Websites

The use of images on websites and social media is increasing, but not all images available are copyright-free, and to ensure you do not contravene any copyright laws, we have produced a checklist on how to check whether it is ok to use a particular image:

Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics are produced annually of the number of hits from, detailing the pages and sections that most visitors to the site have viewed, including the top 20 club websites.

The usage statistics for both the website and our social media platforms are detailed below. These are the latest statistics from our previous website, and will be used for comparison purposes to measure the performance of the new website:

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