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Membership Month FAQs

Membership Month FAQs

Membership Month FAQs

May has been selected as Membership Month, because it was felt that May is a good time to hold events, which could be outside, to attract new Members, as the evenings are longer and the weather warmer.  It is also a month where Clubs are considering their Membership because they are sending in their Annual Returns.

Membership Month was first held in May 2016 and has now become an annual feature of the SIGBI Calendar.

Recruiting new Members is an all-year activity – Potential Members contact SIGBI HQ or Clubs via the Contact Us forms on the website, or Club activities attract people to want to join.  Having one month dedicated to Membership should not stop Clubs from recruiting at other times of the year.

The idea of having a “Membership Month” is to focus Clubs’ activities during that month on recruiting, and encourage Clubs (or Regions/National Associations/Networks) to hold an event specifically aimed at attracting new Members.

We do not expect that Clubs will necessarily induct women who have shown an interest in Membership during Membership Month, but that they would be inducted within six months and it is hoped that SIGBI would show a marked increase in Membership within six months of Membership Month.  The increase in Membership needs to offset the inevitable losses experienced in March when Members have decided to leave SIGBI before they need to pay their capitation fees for the coming year.  Therefore, the definitive measure of success will also be whether the Membership figures reported to SI the following year show an overall increase in Membership.

Clubs will need to organise their own events, but there is a toolkit of resources to help Clubs plan and publicise their events.  The full list of resources is available on the Membership Month Toolkit page.

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