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SIGBI Branding FAQs

SIGBI Branding FAQs

SIGBI Branding FAQs

The ‘Dynamic S’ logo has been developed by a design company called Fabrik Brands, based in London in the UK.  It captures the vibrant, dynamic nature of SI’s Vision and Mission with the stylised image of the female form.  It can also been seen as the ‘S’ for Soroptimists, with the dot being seen as either the head of the woman of the “I” for International.

Yes, we would encourage you to use the new ‘Dynamic S’ logo on all your promotional and Membership materials.  Full information, templates and downloads may be on the Branding Pages of this website.

A comprehensive survey of younger Members within SIGBI and consulted groups outside of the organisation, felt the “lady” was a dated image and did not truly represent our diverse Membership.  They felt a sharper, more up to date interpretation would appeal to Members of the future.  This does not detract from the history and imagery of the “lady” which will continue to be used on formal documents, eg Club Charter Certificates.

Yes, Clubs have the autonomy to retain the “lady” emblem if they wish.  The “lady” is the emblem of Soroptimist International, whereas the “Dynamic S” is the logo of SIGBI and may be used by Clubs, Regions, National Associations (NA) and Networks.

Yes.  The Federation will be retaining the “lady” for official use, for example on Flags, Regalia and Charters and will use the “Dynamic S” on stationery and promotional materials.  This is similar to a University having an official crest for ceremonial purposes, whilst at the same time adopting a more modern logo to reflect its current vision, mission and goals.

The primary colours of the “Dynamic S” are light blue and dark blue (with exact specifications provided on page 26 of the Brand Guidelines).  Secondary colours such as green/pink, yellow/orange and grey/black have also been produced (page 26 of the Branding Guidelines).  The primary colours should always be prominent and the secondary colours should only be used as a small proportion of the total colour coverage.  Full details of how and when the colours can/should be used may be found on pages 27 and 28 of the Brand Guidelines.

You need to contact Corporate Insignia directly.  Details are in the SIGBI Shop section of this website.

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