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SIGBI Mailings FAQs

SIGBI Mailings FAQs

SIGBI Mailings FAQs

SIGBI sends Club Mailings (for Club Executive) and/or SIGBI News Briefings (for all Members) on the first and third week of every month.

Mailings are sent to Club, Region, NA and Network Secretaries for them to disseminate the information and forward relevant materials to the correct persons.

Club Mailings contain some information which is intended only for Club Executive, so should not be forwarded to all Members.  There is not necessarily a Club Mailing every two weeks, depending on the information being circulated.  The Secretary should forward Club Mailings to the relevant post-holder(s) and SIGBI News Briefings to all Members.

We would strongly advise against this practice.  As a Federation we are trying to reduce our “carbon footprint” and reducing the use of resources such as paper, ink cartridges and electricity involved in reproducing Club Mailings.  We would encourage Members to access the SIGBI website for any information they require.

Of course.  All Club Mailings are placed on the SIGBI Mailings pages of the Website.

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