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Governance and Policies

Governance and Policies

The following documents are all to do with Governance of SIGBI, Clubs and Regions/NAs/Networks. Links to Policy documents are at the bottom of the page.

SIGBI/Club/Region/NA/Network Governing Documents

Please see below reference documents for running the Federation, Regions/NAs/Networks and Clubs:

SIGBI Annual Report and Accounts 2020

SIGBI Charity Constitutions

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Read the letter from the Membership Director and see all the documents related to the Dispute Resolution Procedure below. The Template Letters are in Word format so that they can be amended for your needs. All other documents are PDFs. The Member Code of Conduct is included in the documents below:


  1. Archiving Records
  2. Email Protocol
  3. Equality and Diversity Policy – created 2016
  4. Ethics Policy
  5. Public Liability Insurance Cover note 2020-2021
  6. Public Liability Insurance Policy 2020-2021
  7. Certificate of Employers’ liability insurance 2020-2021

Risk Assessments –  visit the Health and Safety Executive website

Vision 2021

Vision 2021 describes where SIGBI wants to be by its Centenary.  The Vision 2021 Presentation below is being delivered to Regions/NAs/Networks by the Federation Management Board.

  • SIGBI Strategic Plan 2018-2021 (latest version to be uploaded shortly)

Federation Action Diary

The Federation Action Diary gives the deadlines for regular activities that need to be met by Federation Position Holders throughout the year:

Conference Guidelines

The Conference Guidelines are for use by the Conference Committee and anyone else who is involved in organising a SIGBI Conference:

The appendices to the Conference Guidelines are available from SIGBI HQ on request.  Please contact Joanne Voller –

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