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We had an outstanding response to the 100 4 100 campaign, with nominations from Clubs right across the Federation. The panel has met and decided, in view of the excellent candidates that were nominated, that they should all go forward for showcasing on the Centenary website.

The campaign has been launched under the new name of #Whoisshe?

All of those who have made nominations have now been contacted to let them know and to ask for final submissions, photographs and consent. These will be published in batches of 12 on the Centenary website on a monthly basis from September over 12 months.

We will be sending notification in the post plus an e-mail to the Clubs of the nominees prior to publication to allow time for you to prepare your publicity.

This will consist of:

  1. Hard copy of a certificate signed by the Federation President to present to successful #Whoisshe? member, you might want to plan when and how you do this. If the member is no longer with us, the Club can pass the certificate on to the member’s family or keep it to display at Club events.
  2. An electronic framed picture of your successful #Whoisshe? member for use on social media and an electronic version of the certificate for your website and social media.
  3. Links to the social media materials and template press release on the members area of the website for you to use to promote your member.

We will also let those making the nominations (if it is not a Club member) know when their nomination is appearing.

Seventeen of the members who were nominated are already on Wikipedia and Soroptimist references have been added where they were missing. Those who nominated members identified as meeting the Wikipedia criteria will be asked to help prepare that information with source references plus consent for publication. A small team of members is helping with the task of pulling this together and publishing these on Wikipedia.

Watch out for the #Whoisshe? hashtag and help us promote these wonderful women and all they have achieved over the hundred years of our existence.

#Whoisshe? Toolkit

If your nomination has been selected for any of the next 12 months, then use the following items to help you to publicise this achievement:

  1. Whoisshe Press Release – for your local media. In Word format so that you can amend as required
  2. Whoisshe social media – Word format – copy, paste and amend these social media messages on your Social Media platforms
  3. Example of photoframe – you will be sent a photoframe personalised for your nomination the month before you need to publicise it, so can use it with your social media posts.

Got a question? Check the PDF process below (which is the same as the information above) and the FAQs below. If your question isn’t answered, then please email

  1. Whoisshe Process – August 2020
  2. Whoisshe FAQs
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