Information & Documentation

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Contains information of interest to individual Members, including Membership Statement, New Members' Pack, how to apply for a Memorial Fund Award, Grants of Friendship/Invitations, and Membership Matters.

Contains all the information you need for the running of a Club, eg Membership Forms, Annual Returns, Club Governance, How to Start a New Club.

Contains information related to running a Region/National Association/Network, eg the purpose of Regions/National Associations/Networks, and Region/NA/Network governance documents

Contains documentation to help you communicate your activities, eg Template Press Releases, SIGBI Brand Guidelines and Logos, good examples of Club Promotional Material, How To Guides.

Contains information related to Programme Activities, eg a page for each Programme Area, Commission on the Status of Women, SIGBI Programme Database.

Contains documentation related to the running of the Federation, eg SIGBI Governance, Vision 2021.

SIGBI Mailings

Mailings which have been sent from Federation Office are listed in the side panel, under the month in which they were sent.  These are useful if you wish to check if you have received the latest mailing, and to download any documents which have either not been received or inadvertently deleted.

Each document contained within each mailing, if appropriate, will also appear elsewhere in the members section of the website.  For example, if an item was about Recruitment of Members, it will be in the Membership section.  Therefore, you do not have to remember the date on which an item was sent in order to find it.  Try locating it in the most appropriate section.

The Strategic Plan, Governing Documents and Policies are on the Library page.


We have received several comments from Club Secretaries asking what are the differences between the Club Mailing and the SIGBI News Briefings, as both seem to contain the same information.  The Club Mailing is aimed at Executive Officers who may decide that certain items need to be brought to the attention of some interested Members (but probably not all Members).  Club Mailings have always included ALL items so that the Executive has them all in one place.  The SIGBI News Briefing contains only those items that are of interest to Members.  However, some Secretaries have said that they would prefer the two items to contain different items.

Therefore, it has been decided that from the new Federation Year, which starts immediately after Conference, the Club Mailing will only contain items pertinent only to the Club Executive, and the SIGBI News Briefing will contain items of interest to all Members.  This will mean that the Club Mailing is much shorter, and in some cases there may not actually be a Club Mailing at all, in which case this will be notified in the email with the SIGBI News Briefing attached.

We have also reviewed the News Briefing and will try to ensure that the content is easy for all Members to understand, and that we don’t overload our Members with information.

This will make it easier to see those items which are only intended for the Club Executive, but will also mean that you will need to check both mailings to ensure that you do not miss any important information.  We hope that you approve of this change.