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Contains information of interest to individual Members, including Membership Statement, New Members' Pack, how to apply for a Memorial Fund Award, Grants of Friendship/Invitations, and Membership Matters.

Contains all the information you need for the running of a Club, eg Membership Forms, Annual Returns, Club Governance, How to Start a New Club.

Contains information related to running a Region/National Association/Network, eg the purpose of Regions/National Associations/Networks, and Region/NA/Network governance documents

Contains documentation to help you communicate your activities, eg Template Press Releases, SIGBI Brand Guidelines and Logos, good examples of Club Promotional Material, How To Guides.

Contains information related to Programme Activities, eg a page for each Programme Area, Commission on the Status of Women, SIGBI Programme Database.

Contains documentation related to the running of the Federation, eg SIGBI Governance, Vision 2021.

Region/NA/Network Mailings – February 2018

16 February 2018

SIGBI News Briefing – 16 February 2018

CHANGES TO ADDING NEW MEMBERS TO THE SIGBI DATABASE – We are constantly striving to improve the way the SIGBI Database captures data, which in turn will increase the effectiveness and usefulness of statistical data regarding Membership.  There has been a slight change to the process for adding a new Member to the SIGBI Database, which will come into effect next week.  The letter below gives details of this change:

FEDERATION ACTION DIARY 2017-2018 – Please see below the Federation Action Diary 2017-2018, which gives the deadlines adhered to by SIGBI for actions that happen on an annual basis.  Please note any deadlines that affect your Club:

SHARING INFORMATION USEFUL TO OTHER CLUBS – If your Club has done something or seen something that may benefit other Clubs then please do share it. It could be information about a grant scheme like the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme or free books like World Book Night.  Whatever it is, please email the information to to ensure it’s shared with other Clubs via Social Media.

2 February 2018

SIGBI News Briefing – 2 February 2018

NEW DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS – As you will be aware, new Data Protection Regulations come into effect in May 2018.  Please be advised that SIGBI is currently reviewing these to establish how they impact on records kept by SIGBI and by Clubs/Regions/National Associations/Networks and will be issuing guidance to Clubs before the end of the current Club year.

LETTER FROM JUDITH GROCOTT, DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP – Membership is the responsibility of everyone, and the Federation needs the support of Region/NA/Network Membership Officers to provide information if they are worried about any Clubs in their Region/NA/Network.  Please see below letter from Judith Grocott, Director of Membership, asking for your support in Membership Matters, and outlining various options open to Clubs who may be struggling with Membership:


A new Easy Stages Guide to having a stand at an event has been written for use by Clubs/Regions/National Associations/Networks: