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Contains information of interest to individual Members, including Membership Statement, New Members' Pack, how to apply for a Memorial Fund Award, Grants of Friendship/Invitations, and Membership Matters.

Contains all the information you need for the running of a Club, eg Membership Forms, Annual Returns, Club Governance, How to Start a New Club.

Contains information related to running a Region/National Association/Network, eg the purpose of Regions/National Associations/Networks, and Region/NA/Network governance documents

Contains documentation to help you communicate your activities, eg Template Press Releases, SIGBI Brand Guidelines and Logos, good examples of Club Promotional Material, How To Guides.

Contains information related to Programme Activities, eg a page for each Programme Area, Commission on the Status of Women, SIGBI Programme Database.

Contains documentation related to the running of the Federation, eg SIGBI Governance, Vision 2021.

Region/NA/Network Mailings – January 2018

19 January 2018

SIGBI News Briefing – 19 January 2018

WOMEN’S VOTING CENTENARY GRANT SCHEME – There is a £1.5 million government fund, called the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme, that will support local and community groups across England in celebrating the centenary of women gaining the right to vote.  If your Club are interested in applying for one of your projects, then please see full details on the SIGBI Website:

ANNUAL RETURNS 2018 – Please be reminded that the Annual Returns 2018 will be sent to AACM Clubs on 1 February 2018, and to UK Clubs on 1 April 2018.  The deadline for return of these with payment to SIGBI HQ is 31 May 2018.  If you have any Membership Changes that you already know about please can you ensure that you make them online, or send the relevant forms to SIGBI HQ, ahead of your annual returns being sent out.  That will ensure that your Annual Returns are more accurate and will require minimal altering before returning them.  All the forms and documentation that will accompany your annual returns, including the Membership Fee Breakdowns for 2018-2019 can be found on the SIGBI Website:

NEXT FEDERATION PROJECT – Thank you to all Clubs who have already responded with their option on how to proceed with the selection of the next Federation Project.  If you have not already returned your form then please do so before the end of January 2018, after which the decision will be made.  Clubs will be advised which was the chosen Option as soon as possible after the closing date:

5 January 2018

SIGBI News Briefing – 5 January 2018

FRIENDSHIP LINK LETTER & REGISTER FORM – Please see below a letter from Zarreen Babu, SIGBI Friendship Link Coordinator, about the importance of updating SIGBI on your friendship links via the Friendship Link Register Form, which is also available below.  Please return your completed form to Zarreen by 31 March 2018:

FRIENDSHIP LINK APPLICATION FORM – If you wish to start a new Friendship Link, perhaps with a new Club in one of the four Federations or with a Club that you have already formed a partnership with and want to have an official link, then please complete Part 1 of the Friendship Link Application Form below and send it to Zarreen Babu –  This can be done at any time during the year: