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Contains information of interest to individual Members, including Membership Statement, New Members' Pack, how to apply for a Memorial Fund Award, Grants of Friendship/Invitations, and Membership Matters.

Contains all the information you need for the running of a Club, eg Membership Forms, Annual Returns, Club Governance, How to Start a New Club.

Contains information related to running a Region/National Association/Network, eg the purpose of Regions/National Associations/Networks, and Region/NA/Network governance documents

Contains documentation to help you communicate your activities, eg Template Press Releases, SIGBI Brand Guidelines and Logos, good examples of Club Promotional Material, How To Guides.

Contains information related to Programme Activities, eg a page for each Programme Area, Commission on the Status of Women, SIGBI Programme Database.

Contains documentation related to the running of the Federation, eg SIGBI Governance, Vision 2021.

Region/NA/Network Mailings – October 2017

20 October 2017

SIGBI News Briefing – 20 October 2017

CARDIFF CONFERENCE 2017 – INFORMATION FOR CLUBS – Please be reminded that your Club is entitled to 5 free SIGBI Booklets and can collect these at conference.  Please nominate someone who is attending Conference to collect your booklets for you.  These will be available from the Delegate Check-In Desks in the foyer of the Wales Millennium Centre from Thursday afternoon, so can be collected when the delegate checks in.  She will need to sign that she has received the booklets.  We are taking a small amount to sell at the SIGBI Shop, so if you want further copies these can be purchased at three for one pound whilst stocks last.  If we do run out, then further copies are available to order from SIGBI HQ, but postage and packing will be added, so do pick them up at Conference if you can.

There is a press-release for Clubs to use post Conference.  This is a word document, so can be edited to include your own Club’s information.  Please do use it and raise the profile of Soroptimist International in your area:

NUMBER 63 – Again, we are including this item which is also in the SIGBI News Briefing, because there are some Clubs who are Shareholders of Number 63 as well as individual Members.  Please read the letter below from the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors regarding the Special General Meeting that took place on 14 October 2017:

6 October 2017

SIGBI News Briefing – 6 October 2017

NO 63 – IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SHAREHOLDERS – This notice is in the SIGBI News Briefing, but we are repeating it here because of the urgent nature of the letter, and also because Clubs as well as individuals can be Shareholders of No 63.  Please check if your Club is a Shareholder, and read the urgent letter from Ann Hodgson below, as action has to be taken quickly.  The Special General Meeting of No 63 is on 14 October 2017, and proxy voters must be appointed by 12 October 2017:

CARDIFF 2017 CONFERENCE – LAST REMINDERS – We are looking forward to meeting Members who are travelling to Cardiff later this month.  Please just note the following reminders that are specifically for Club Executive:

  1. The deadline for submitting your Club’s voting delegate is Friday 13 October 2017.  There are no Resolutions to the General Meeting this year, but you do still need to appoint a voting delegate (or proxy if necessary).  If you do miss this deadline, then please give a copy of the form to your voting delegate and ask her to bring it to Conference:
  1. If your Club has one or more delegates attending Cardiff Conference, then please remember to ask one of them to collect the Club’s 5 free booklets from the Delegate Check-In Desks.  Don’t miss out as they are a valuable tool for your Club to use in raising our profile.