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Human Trafficking: study day report


Over 60 members attended the Regional Study Workshop on 19th September 2015 where we heard from three excellent local speakers.

First was Linda Boyle who works for The Gangmasters Licensing Authority, a non-governmental public body responsible for regulating the supply of workers to the agricultural, horticultural and shellfish industries. Linda gave examples of trafficked individuals in our region who have been helped by her organisation and was able to give us some national figures. However her thoughts were that these were grossly underestimating the scale of the issue.

The second speaker was Yvonne Mosquito, West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. Yvonne told us of the work already taking place in our region. Due to cuts to the Police funding in the near future NGO’s like Soroptimists may need to play a larger role in reporting suspected crime.

Our third speaker was Professor Hazel Barrett, an Internationally renowned expert on FGM. Professor Barrett works at Coventry University where they have recently launched a phone app aimed at girls vulnerable to FGM. The app is the first of its kind in the UK and is endorsed by the NSPCC. It has been named Petals and has been extensively tested on young people to ensure it uses language they can understand in a format that is easy for them to follow. The app is untraceable in your browsing history and with a gentle shake of the device disappears from the screen.

Members were keen to report back to their clubs and take some of the ideas forward in their Programme work.