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Three Regional Presidents at the National Memorial Arboretum



On Sunday 13th November three Regional Presidents;  Jan Bowden from Midland Arden, Ruth Dodd from Midland East, and Pat Cross from Midland Chase attended a Remembrance Service at the National Memorial Arboretum.

After the service, they were joined by Jan Hemlin, MAR President-Elect, and Isabel Smith SIGBI Vice President and together with other Soroptimist representatives and their husbands moved on to the Soroptimist International plot where they laid wreaths on behalf of Soroptimist International, SIGBI and the three Midland Regions.

It was a wonderful, uplifting occasion and we were blessed by cold but fine weather.

Edna Shafer- Hughes from Midland Chase read the “Peace Pledge”, which had been written by Lynn Dunning a former SIGBI Federation President who has sadly passed away.  It was also read at the end of the SI International Convention in Glasgow in 2007.

We hope you all enjoy reading again the celebratory and meaningful message in her words:

We are women standing for women,

We come from many lands;

We are different colours, creeds, and races and together we celebrate diversity,

We are united in our purpose to bring a message of peace to the women of the world.

Our declaration is tied with ribbon, the symbol of the hands of friendship that bind us together as members of Soroptimist International, reminding us that our membership brings the responsibility to preserve freedoms and to be peacemakers.

We hope, for a world where tolerance, reconciliation, co-operation, and partnership are realities.

We pledge to work for a world where:

The human rights of all people are respected

Equal opportunities are available to women who are disadvantaged through their gender, health or social exclusion

Education is accessible for all girls

Poverty and disease are conquered

All peoples enjoy a safe and healthy environment

We all contribute to the peace and prosperity of humankind by nurturing a spirit of peace, encouraging peace education, and supporting a culture of peace.

” Peace our unifying purpose”