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Feedback from Regional Meeting 2nd March 2019

Feed back from the Regional Meeting at Wolston 2 March 2019

The Way Forward for the Regions

Thank you for your feedback from the Regional meeting – 60 members completed the  feedback forms giving s great feedback for ROC to consider and respond to.

In respect of the questions:

Do you consider that the Speaker added to your knowledge and understanding of Soroptimism?

Everyone answered yes – great feedback to Pat Black who gave such a brilliant presentation on her work and the links through to her role at the United Nations. Thank you, Regional  President Jan, for arranging for Pat to come and talk to us.


Do you consider that you had enough time in the you consider meeting to Network with other Clubs?

All but one member feedback that they considered that they had enough time to network with other Clubs.  Time to network between Regional Clubs is an integral part of Regional meetings and an issue ROC wish to get right. We are glad that we seemed to do this at the March meeting.

In respect of the free text feedback – issues identified included:

  • Mix the tables so that people just do not sit with their Club
  • We could not hear all of the speakers
  • More time please to ask questions of the Speaker
  • We could not see all the text on the slides
  • Could we have meeting Venues that are accessible by Public Transport?
  • Could the nominees for the Inspirational Women award speak for themselves?
  • Timing of comfort break too early in the meeting.
  • Do we have to sign in when we arrive at the meeting?
  • One Regional Officer report please instead of innumerable files
  • Should we have an Award for younger Women?
  • Could we have a lunch option?

And we all love a compliment……

  • I arrived ten minutes late and the staff members were very warm and helpful
  • Excellent meeting. Keep up the good work.
  • No suggestions…I love your meetings.
  • Good timekeeping is essential – well done.

Some of the feedback issues are very easy to address – making sure people can hear the speakers and the size of font on slides. Others are more challenging such as finding venues that are easily accessible by public transport. City centre venues are expensive. Others may require changes to current procedures for issuing Regional papers. However, all feedback will be considered by ROC and if possible, we will respond positively.

Thank you for your feedback