Regional Meeting 30th November 2019

President Rose welcomed all members to the meeting at the Chesford Grange, including Federation President Isobel Smith and 2 new members from SI Rugby, 1 new member from SI Kenilworth and 1 new member from SI Coventry.

Rose thanked past president Jan Hemlin for her fantastic work!  We were informed that we in Midland Arden have been invited to an upcoming Geneva trip – more details to follow.  President Elect Elaine Clarke and Vice President Anne Rogers were pesented with their regional badges.

Business meeting continued including:

  • Officers reports and news from Federation President Isobel informing us that a new SIGBI website is imminent,
  • News about the Belfast conference this year
  • Jane Davies from SI Solihull talking about the benevolant fund
  • Anne Rogers and Elaine Clarke talking about our 100th Anniversary celebrations and asking for feedback
  • Date of House of Lords Reception : Wednesday 12th May 2021
  • Various clubs presented their programme action plans
  • Liz Every talked about the Meru Project
  • A short film on Empowering girls in Nepal

There followed a very iinteresting talk by Caroline Wilkie from Smart Works, Birmingham