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What’s an “elevator pitch”?

Imagine you’re in a lift going to the top floor of a building and someone asks a question about  your organization – you have 30 seconds before the lift stops to give a brief, persuasive answer to spark interest in the organisation – that’s an “elevator pitch”.

In May we joined members of other Clubs in the Region at Cabus Village hall to take part in our annual Rose Bowl competition – President Alison had challenged each Club to produce no more than three, 30 second elevator pitches to answer the question – “What’s a Soroptimist?”.  It was thought-provoking and definitely challenging.

Taking part in the Rosebowl competition in May 2019

Each Club presented their entries which were judged by everyone present – the winner to be announced at the Regional Lunch in September.  The entries were innovative and entertaining.

Our entry had been written by Bonnie:

How’s your day been?

Have you washed in hot running water?

Have you eaten breakfast, with your educated daughter.

Did you vote in the last election without fear?

Simple things, but not so common everywhere.

We work with the UN, improving the status of women.

Soroptimists for girls and women all over the world; changing lives and in the UK too we’re helping someone every day.

How’s your day been?

and we had high hopes of its success, but it wasn’t to be.  Never mind, we’ll have a go at next year’s competition and congratulations to Ruth’s winning entry for SI Garstang.

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