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What did we learn about the experience of evacuees during WW II?


Quite a lot of thought-provoking information

when we held our Friendship Evening on 26 September at Bare Village Club.   We were pleased to welcome Regional President Alison and members of SI Clubs from our Region.

Especially welcome was our principal guest Pauline Sterritt.  Pauline spoke about the experiences of a child who was evacuated from Kent to mid Wales during World War II.  She had also brought along items from the war.  The talk was really interesting and entertaining and led to a wide variety of questions and discussion afterwards.

.An evacuee's story

Pauline recounting the story of a WWII evacuee

The evening was a successful one of friendship, food (our members provided plenty for the buffet) and reminiscences.  Many thanks to Pauline, to Regional President Alison and to all our guests for supporting the evening.

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