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Bonnie’s “Brave the Shave” challenge

How did Bonnie fare with her “Brave the Shave” challenge?

In May, during the lockdown Bonnie made the decision to have her hair shaved off to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

This is her account:

Bonnie before the Challenge


Brian Kennedy often referred to himself as curmudgeonly but in truth he was generous and warm. We were friends for over thirty years.  We’d meet most Wednesdays; Brian, my husband Stuart and myself, to make music.  Our little band, Three Los Trios recorded two sessions of songs, many written by ourselves.


When he died of cancer over two years ago, we lost our voice and Stu and I have struggled to “feel the music” ever since.  Brian would not have approved!

I had Covid-19 in early April which has left me with some deterioration in my breathing.  The pandemic is challenging us all in lots of ways besides physical health.  It is dawning on people everywhere that the “new normal” is still shaping itself and none of us are quite sure how long it will take to evolve and what stages we may have to pass through to get there.

Of particular concern is cancer care in a strained and underfunded NHS.  So, when I saw an article about someone shaving their head to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support I thought, swinging my ponytail over my shoulder, “I could do that”.

That was about all the thought I gave it.  I didn’t consult anyone (typical!), just went ahead and put my name down.  My family were horrified to be honest, and even offered to do an alternative fund to keep my hair on my head!  However, I talked them round and wondered if I would reach the suggested target of £300.  Donations started coming in straight away.  We reached our target very soon and it just kept rising.  Our friends, family, Brian’s friends and strangers all paid in to it.  I never imagined I would be able to raise £1780.  Times are difficult and uncertain but people have given so generously.  They all have my profound thanks.  It has been very moving and I have been tearful many times – in a good way.

Many, many people have told me how Macmillan helped them or someone they love.

When the hair came off I felt it was a marker – for Covid-19, for Brian, for a fresh start with new hope.  We are warming up guitars and synthesiser and trying out our vocal chords.

The Soroptimists of the North West have been fantastic supporters.  I have been a Soroptimist for nearly ten years and as well as joining the work to help others I have been helped personally to grow and live my best life.

I have found the aftermath, with my picture in the paper and story in the SI Regional news, a bit startling and sad – I always used to buy a paper for Mum if I happened to feature, but not this time.  However, I know she would be pleased.  And I hope Brian would too.

The moral of this story is:  If you get a wee inkling to do something – do it!

Love and peace from Bonnie

Bonnie braved the shave

P.S. Hair is growing back and is very soft.

And she raised over £1800.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

We are all very proud of Bonnie’s achievement.

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