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President’s Message 2015 to 2016

Hello and welcome to our website.

This year our Club has no President, preferring to try a year of flexible management.  It reflects a trend whereby we aim to be a little less formal.

This means there is no-one to write a message so I’m taking the space!  I have recently become the club’s website administrator and I am also President Elect so I think it ‘ll be okay if I  write a wee bit this year.

We were sorry that Joint President Therese had to move for work but Joint President Brenda did a remarkable job with us and we thank her for all her time and commitment and ceaseless enthusiasm.  Thanks to Therese, too, for coming “home” as often as possible to spend time with us all.

We are a service organisation.  All of us are volunteers who like to do things; make things happen.  Although we have raised significant amounts of money for various charities and causes over the years, fundraising is not our first thought.  We are trying to take the women’s view; trying to take the girls’ side and enable people to make changes in their lives.

I’ve been a Soroptimist for about four years now and I only wish I’d got into it years ago.  But that’s life – you do what you can.  I’m in it now and I love it!  I like to think that we are all friends. We care about each other – after all we aim to help women – and we must start with the women around us – start with ourselves – and then keep spreading out – strengthened by friendship and a genuine will to bring change.


Bonnie Mitchell