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President’s Message 2016 to 2017

President Bonnie Mitchell 2016 to 2017
President Bonnie Mitchell 2016 to 2017


Welcome to SI Morecambe and Heysham! In the last twelve months we have been saddened to lose our sister, Jennifer Yates.  Others in the Club knew her better than I but we all miss her smiling face and unaffected, unfailing courtesy.  For me, she was like a gold standard of the ideal Soroptimist.

My first engagement as this year’s President was our 77th Charter Lunch, held at the Headway Hotel.  Our guests came from all over the North West region and also from Bootle.  Although SI Bootle is in a different administrative region, in Soroptimist International we have Friendship Links whereby each Club can have links of friendship with other Clubs.  This means we have international connections as well as local, regional and national ones.  We really are International – it’s not just a slogan.  It also means we actually know the people who are involved in projects and causes we support which gives us confidence that our hard work is getting results and helping people.

This year the charities which SI Morecambe and Heysham will be supporting are Morecambe Homeless Action and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. We hope to work directly with Morecambe Homeless Action as well as fundraising.

We also have a connection with Lancaster & Morecambe City of Sanctuary which is welcoming asylum seekers. We are trying, as ever, to work locally but think globally.

I am beginning to realise that this women’s organisation is seriously making a difference – and that is not easy in this world – if you join us you could find that you could help make that difference. Plus, we really are friendly!


Our next event is our Friendship Evening (there’s that word again!) where we welcome Soroptimists from around the Region, have a bite to eat and some sort of speaker or other activity.