Our Programme Action Work

Programme Action is where Soroptimists translate their vision, mission and goals into action.  We are committed to transforming lives and we do this locally, nationally and internationally by supporting a wide range of projects designed to improve the status of women and girls worldwide.

Our work with national and international projects can be seen at https://sigbi.org/our-charities/.

Currently, the members of SI Morecambe and Heysham are committed to supporting locally:-

  • The Marine Conservation Society: we undertake an annual beach clean at Half Moon Bay, Heysham, in conjunction with the Society.
  • We are actively involved in raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer in the local area.  More information on Soroptimist involvement in supporting this campaign nationally can be found on the SIGBI website, eg at https://sigbi.org/2012/government-acts-on-ovarian-cancer/.

This year we have been supporting the PIES (Partners in Education Swaziland) project – this is the project which President Brenda has chosen as her charity for her year in office.

We have also supported the chosen charities of the Regional Presidents, the NSPCC and Water Aid, and the SI international charities.

Recently we have supported:

  •  The Khiraule Health and Education project in Nepal: raising funds for the education and health needs of the villagers of Khiraule.
  • The Women’s Centre in Lancaster: members supported the project with funds, providing goods and volunteering.
  • The Galloways Society for the Blind:  members took part in reading for the talking newspaper and in providing technical assistance with recordings.
  • The Barnardos Young Carers Project in Morecambe, providing funding for local young carers to gain nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care, by distributing and collecting the Daffodil boxes for the annual March appeal by the charity.

In 2011 we were part of a national Soroptimist scheme to raise the awareness of the importance of bees to the environment and, in partnership with Morecambe in Bloom, sponsored two local primary schools to undertake the ‘Bee Project’.  This was a great success; the children were completely engaged with the work and loved being a part of this enterprise.

If you would like to know more please contact us by telephone on 07901 691539 or email us at si.morecambeandheysham@gmail.com and our Programme Action Officer will be happy to tell you more about the many and varied ways in which Soroptimists support women and girls worldwide.


These poems are taken from
ECHOES: Strong Women’s Voices From Afar.
The booklet is the result of a writing project for World Literacy Day 2011 organised by Soroptimist International of Blackburn in partnership with the Asylum-seeker and Refugee Community (ARC), Well-being Project and the Action Factory.


The Inner World

This is a quiet village.  People who live there are very peaceful and quiet,

the world doesn’t know they exist but they don’t care what the rest of the world is doing.

They grow their own food and don’t expect anyone to feed them.

They are civilised in their own way and they live life to the fullest.

They have no worries what tomorrow holds coz

they fear no bombs, no guns, no earthquakes, no queens, no kings.

Sarah Mwangi


If God Could Be Seen

The world as we know it

Is an arena; you have a chance:

If you do not utilise it well –

You lose.

Just imagine…

Losing out on a penalty

If only God could be seen.

As time goes, things change

And the world seems to have

Turned upside down.

Culture and beliefs have been kept

In the basement of people’s lives;

Now what matters is

What one can grab while alive.

If only God could be seen.

Many would ask for wealth

Few would ask for wisdom.

And the lucky inspired ones

Will fall in adoration;

A brilliance so bright to fathom;

The omniscience! Omnipresent; omnipotent.

If only God could be seen.

We have left matters for the last day when

All will be in all;

But believe me,

When you die…

It is the day of reckoning no more;

How smart you have been

With your talents will speak.

If only God could be seen.