President Helen Piddock -Jones writes …


I am very proud to be the new President of S.I. Nantwich and District and very much looking forward to the year ahead. We are a strong, happy club and together we have achieved a great deal. Now let’s build on all our good work in the past and continue to be “Women Inspiring Action and Transforming Lives”.

I believe that a friendly team is a strong team and so this year we plan to have many social events as well as our more serious work supporting local, national and international charities. Please see our diary for full details and dates.

This year I am following our SIGBI theme – ‘Think on it’, which encourages members to raise awareness of mental health issues.

My main charity is Dementia UK, with particular reference to Admiral Nurses. They are to Dementia, what Macmillan nurses are to cancer. At our April Dinner Meeting two Admiral nurses explained how they provide specialist support for families who live with dementia, helping them to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear.




In June a local Dementia Champion will be explaining the disease in simple terms. He will point out the best ways for us to communicate and deal with dementia sufferers and how small changes can make a big difference.

In July two women from the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre in Crewe will describe their work with people affected by rape and/or sexual assault. One of the women is a survivor who now volunteers at the centre and she will talk about her own experiences.

In September Kate Blakemore will be talking to us about the local charity Motherwell, which focuses on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of women and girls.

Hospital admissions have more than doubled in six years for children who self-harm. The YMCA after-school clubs in Crewe have discovered that self-harming has become almost the norm and young people now consider it an acceptable strategy for coping with difficult emotions. The girls openly talk about self-harm.

In October the YMCA will tell us how their work with Crewe Samaritans is attempting to help the girls find alternative ways of coping.

    We will continue to support the women in our local refuge Cheshire Without Abuse and in November we will hear about their unique training course, which works with the perpetrators.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings and so if you’d like more details please email

In June 1st we will also be celebrating our 70th year by holding a women’s Conference with fantastic speakers – please see another page with full details.