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Knit and Natter for People with Dementia October 2019

Have you ever seen a twiddle muff? They are lovely to hold, keep your hands warm and have lot’s of textures to twiddle with! people with dementia find them particularly comforting, but to be honest, they are gorgeous for anyone to play with! A group of us enjoyed our time at a member’s home the other evening busy making twiddle muffs for people with dementia living at Clarendon House and other care homes in the area.






Murder Mystery Walk September 2019

On Sunday 29th of September, despite the appalling weather, sixteen intrepid members of Nantwich SI put on their thinking caps, walking shoes, waterproof coats and carried huge umbrellas, to walk round Nantwich town centre hunting down murder mystery clues. They were split into teams and provided with directions plus numerous clues. Once they’d solved each clue they could eliminate a suspect or a murder weapon from their list. Many of them found that they were looking at buildings they’d never noticed before, as well as walking down a narrow ginnell which they didn’t know existed. As with all successful SI events the detectives met up at the end in Nantwich Bookshop for a well deserved cup of tea and the odd cake! The murderer and murder weapon were correctly deduced.

Chester Dinner September 2019

Two of our members attended a special dinner meeting hosted by SI Chester with a very interesting speaker telling us about the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa. Fistula is an all too common experience for women in Ethiopia, ruining their lives, causing pain and exile from their communities.  The hospital was set up by two Australian doctors, Reg and Catherine Hamlin over 30 years ago – they have made a huge impact for women, treating them and giving them back their lives, as well as training midwifes to offer better support to women in their villages. The speaker, Hilary Price, had visited with her husband Mike and her talk was extremely illuminating. To find out more about the Fistula Hospital their website address is: https://hamlinfistula.org/


Regional Meeting September 2019

Five members attended the Regional Meeting at Deeside College. There was a theme of climate action for peace and all Clubs brought their bottle tops for recycling – see the picture of us all together with our plastic fish Poly de la mer! Members who had been to the International Convention in Kuala Lumpur also gave a presentation of the highlights of their visit – here is our club member Jacquie Weatherill making a strong point about her very positive experience.


Recycling milk bottle tops September 2019

We have been collecting milk bottle tops for up-cycling by Lush – we have been well supported in the by Nantwich Bookshop and Cafe as well as our local members. They say “We’ll whisk them away to our Green Hub in Poole where they’re broken down into pellets ready to be sent to Storm Board – a company in Somerset that builds boards from the plastic pellets. Bottle Boards can then be made into waterproof furniture – from wall claddings to chairs and benches. They’ve been used to make a play area at a refugee camp in France, and you might even spot them adorning the units and table tops in our stores!”

For more information about this have a look at what Lush are doing here: Lush explains what to do with plastic bottle tops


President Helen (L) with Nancy (C) and Sue (R) showing our bounty of milk bottle caps for up-cycling



We have published our first club Newsletter to give a bird’s eye view of what we have been up to, and what’s coming up. This is for our members, supporters and Friendship Clubs. Please share with anyone who may be interested and let us have feedback on how you like it. You can download a printable version here: SI Nantwich Newsletter Sep 2019

Samaritans Awareness Day 24th July 2019

Our club is championing the theme of mental health this year, and our President, Helen Piddock-Jones, and our Programme Action Lead, Sue Piddock-Jones were supporting the Crewe Samaritans branch on Samaritans Awareness Day on 24th July at Crewe Station. Helen is a volunteer with Samaritans, and Sue is also a support volunteer. We have written an article on this day which you can read here: https://sigbi.org/nantwich-and-district/whats-new/latest-blogs-and-articles/24th-july-is-samaritans-awareness-day/
Here they are with the Mayor of Cheshire east Council Barry Burkhill and his consort Sue Boswell

Societies Spectacular 20th July 2019

On Saturday 28th members of Nantwich Soroptimists braved appalling weather to support their stall at the local Society Spectacular. We take part in this event to raise awareness of Soroptimism as well as to see if there are any local women who would like to join us. Despite the wind blowing the display boards off the table and repeated downpours that saturated unsuspecting passers by, it was generally felt that the day was a success. The event was organised by Nantwich Town Council who provide free gazebos and tables in the centre of Nantwich’s pedestrianised area for all the societies in Nantwich to show their wares and attract new members. From the local am-dram to tennis, from organisers of the town food festival to the volunteer gardeners who keep the flower beds looking so good, every local society you could possibly want to join were on display. Nantwich SI’s display boards showed pictures of local, national and International projects with which the club has been involved but with a bigger emphasis on all the current events that are taking place now and over the next few months. As well as our anti trafficking initiative and our work with CWA the local women’s refuge, our members talked to interested passers by about our plans to work towards making Crewe and Nantwich Dementia Friendly towns. Despite the fierce competition from other women’s organisations, between the gusts and showers our team managed to enthuse six women into giving their contact details as they expressed a serious interest in finding out more about Soroptimism. They will be contacted very soon and invited to attend one of our meetings. They were all given one of our promotional pens which must be a clincher!

Here are some pictures of us in action!

See here for news of our visit to The Pankhurst Museum on 2nd July 2019

Goodbye and good luck to Helen Morris

We are sorry that Helen Morris is leaving the club and moving to Lincoln very shortly. Helen joined just over a year ago and has refreshed and maintained our website over the last year, and hasn’t she done a brilliant job! She has been an active energetic member and was also a key member of the 70th Anniversary Conference team. She has made a great contribution to the club, as well as being good company and we will certainly miss her.  We wish her all the best for the new chapter in her life in Lincoln.


Think On It!

Our President for 2019/20 is Helen Piddock- Jones and she has chosen her theme for the year to be “Think On It”

SIGBI Federation President Sue Williams has a theme for this year entitled ‘Think on it’ which encourages Members to raise awareness of mental health.

She says “Good mental health is fundamental to thriving in life. It is the essence of who we are and how we experience the world. Yet, compared to physical health, so little is commonly known about mental ill health and how to prevent it. That must change”

Helen says: “I am taking her lead and devoting my whole year to all aspects of mental health. Now that may all sound a bit depressing but it isn’t because in each situation we are going to be looking at the positives. What can be done by experts and amateurs like us to make things better. We will also be looking for projects in which we can get involved.”