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We have published our next club Newsletter to give a bird’s eye view of what we have been up to over the last 3 months. This is for our members, supporters and Friendship Clubs. Please share with anyone who may be interested and let us have feedback on how you like it. You can download a printable version here: SI Nantwich Newsletter Dec 2019

Happy Christmas! Dressing the Tree at Acton Church 5th December 2019

We had fun decorating our charity tree at St Mary’s Acton! This year we are supporting efforts to make Crewe and Nantwich more dementia friendly and our tree is covered in forget-me-nots – the dementia friendly flower symbol



Putting the SPICE into fundraising! – our curry night raising funds for the ChoraChori Foundation December 2019

President Helen hosted a fabulous curry evening to raise funds for the new Soroptimists International Great Britain and Northern Ireland International Federation charity – ChoraChori, empowering girls in Nepal. We all brought a contribution of delicious curry or accompaniments to share and made a donation to the charity. We raised about £150, and members are enthusiastic to continue support to this cause. The Founder of the Charity, Philip Holmes, is coming to our dinner meeting on 28th January to talk to us about the charity and other ways we can help – we are so looking forward to meeting him in person!

Here we are enjoying our curry and having fun!

Here is more information about the organisation:

Empowering Girls in Nepal – Federation Project 2019-2022

Roshni receiving her certificate having completed the Basic Tailoring Course

In April 2018 17-year-old Roshni (name changed) was raped by a young man from her village in Sunsari District, southeast Nepal, while her parents were away from home. In that lawless part of Nepal, the family sought justice from village leaders. Their “solution” was that since rapist and victim where both single, they should marry. Moreover, Roshni’s father would have to pay a £2,000 dowry to the rapist’s family.

Roshni and her family were under extreme pressure to accept the decision since rape is so stigmatised in Nepal and Roshni’s prospects of marriage with anyone else had dwindled. Reluctantly, her father sold land to raise this vast sum. But on the day of the planned wedding both the rapist and his father absconded.

At this point the family filed a case with the police and turned to ChoraChori for support. It took a year to track down the rapist but he was finally arrested by the police. Our legal team provided support to the prosecution and Roshni’s assailant was imprisoned for 5 years.

Throughout this prolonged case, ChoraChori protected and counselled Roshni at our Children’s Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre. She joined our in-house tailoring course, determined to make a blouse for her mother. She completed this six months’ training as top of the class and returned to her village. There she set up her own tailoring shop and, supported by an aunt, was soon busy with orders. Soon afterwards, her father passed away and Roshni is now able to support her mother and younger siblings through her income.

Roshni’s story is the reality for far too many girls and young women in Nepal. In Nepal reported cases of rape have quadrupled in the past ten years and in some areas, violence against girls and their abduction seems to be treated as a social norm. The statistics on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Nepal are truly shocking. One survey in 2016 found that 23% of women had been subject to physical, emotional or sexual violence with 7% having experienced sexual violence. Over half of the victims were minors, one in five under the age of ten.

This project tackles this problem head-on by providing security, rehabilitation, education and training for these vulnerable girls.


The project target is to raise £105,000 over 3 years to:

  • Educate and train 45 girls per year, providing them with education and vocational training, including basic and advanced tailoring skills and a silver jewellery training workshop that can lead to gainful employment and enable them to return to society.
  • Create a sustainable 30-bed facility which will act as a safe and secure halfway house, a home during transition and a stepping-stone for these girls.
  • Visit the Empowering Girls in Nepal website for more information, to sign up to regular updates and to download the Project leaflet and other resources.

Putting the FUN into fundraising! – our jewellery party November 2019

Anne Thompson hosted yet another hugely successful jewellery party earlier this month – there was a hugs choice of jewellery, as well as accessories such as scarves, bags and gloves – something for everyone! we also enjoyed a cuppa and slice of cake when it all got too much!

Supporting other clubs Charter Dinners October 2019

Here we are presenting President Louise, of SI Northwich, with two food parcels. They will help SI Northwich towards their target of donating 70 food parcels to the food bank during their 70th year.


And celebrating with SI Heswall…




Think On It!

Our President for 2019/20 is Helen Piddock- Jones and she has chosen her theme for the year to be “Think On It”

SIGBI Federation President Sue Williams has a theme for this year entitled ‘Think on it’ which encourages Members to raise awareness of mental health.

She says “Good mental health is fundamental to thriving in life. It is the essence of who we are and how we experience the world. Yet, compared to physical health, so little is commonly known about mental ill health and how to prevent it. That must change”

Helen says: “I am taking her lead and devoting my whole year to all aspects of mental health. Now that may all sound a bit depressing but it isn’t because in each situation we are going to be looking at the positives. What can be done by experts and amateurs like us to make things better. We will also be looking for projects in which we can get involved.”