Executive Members of the National Association

President Bose Milan-Jack Adeshite, flanked by PNP Joe Nnwokedi and IPP Nneka Chris-Asoluka During the Change of Insignia in December 2019

The National Association is lead by

President Bose Milan-Jack Adeshite.         (SI Ikoyi)









The executive members of the National Association 2018 – 2020 are:-

President Elect                              Okolie Anthonia (SI Asokoro)

Vice President                                Gloria Bai        (SI Abuja)

Immediate Past President           Nneka Chris Asoluka (SI Surulere)

Hon. Secretary                                Tosin (SI )

Treasurer                                        Funmi Odunsi  (SI Lagos Mainland)

Programme Action Chair                 Cordelia Barba (SI Ikeja)

Development  Officer                      Bose Milan-Jack (SI Ikoyi)

Extension and Membership            Annette Oke (SI Ikeja)

Website/Press and Publicity            Lynda Eboibi (SI Asaba)

African Federation rep                     Chichi Ojeme (SI Enugu Coal City)

SIGBI Federation Councillor             Remi Oyewol (SI Lagos Mainland)


The executive members can be reached through the Contact us page on this website.