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SI Surulere

This club is based in Lagos although they do some of their programme work in rural eastern Nigeria.

SI Surulere have been supported by the members of SI Swindon to bring hearing and new life to children and adults in the Achina area of Anambra State in South eastern Nigeria.  SI Swindon, UK, has donated over 800 hearing aids which were no longer being issued by the NHS in England to Chinwe Mba, a member of SI Surulere.  She and her club arranged for the hearing aids to be overhauled and for specialists to test the people of the village who had hearing difficulties, including young people from 2 schools.

A group of widows from the area, encouraged and supported by Soroptimists, are rebuilding their lives and developing small businesses, for example in storage of local produce, to earn an income which will enable them to support themselves and their young families. Their spokesperson said ‘if we put our ideas, resources, and strength together, we might be able to overcome the challenges of widowhood and be able to give our children quality education.

The club meet at Ambassador Hotel, 16 Okotie Eboh Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos – On 3rd Tuesday each month – Times 3.30 pm

Date Chartered: 1992,

President: Chichi Chike-Cole,

President Elect: Angela Ezechukwu,

Programme Action Officer: Obiageli Uchenna Odenigbo,

Treasurer: Grace Oni Azikiwe,

Secretary: Cecilia Nicem Asianah,

Membership Officer: Angela Osoro,

Friendship Link: Downpatrick(GB), Reno Nevada(USA), Swindon and District(GB)