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To assist you in planning your programmes for next year some 2019 Diary Dates for you.

as of 16.01.19

Saturday 2nd February                   Presidents Lunch – Clayton Hotel Belfast     11.00am to 14.30pm

Saturday 9th February 2019           Public Speaking – Hillsborough

Tuesday 5th March                         SINI Regional Event for International Womens Day – City Hall Belfast

Saturday 23rd March                    10.30am for 11.00am  – Regional Executive meeting

1.00pm  to   3.30pm – Regional Meeting, 

Sean Hollywood and Arts Centre Newry

Friday 10-Sunday 12th May          North South Conference, Burrendale Hotel, Newcastle, Co Down

?? September                                Regional Executive meeting date ,time location TBN

Saturday 21st September             10.30am for 11.00am  – Regional PAC meeting, Ballymena

1.00pm  to   3.30pm – Regional Meeting, Ballymena

Dates Provided by Margaret Read