Fun and Friendship

Soroptimism has a serious message – we want to improve the lives of women and girls throughout the world. Luckily for us, working together in pursuit of this aim is not only incredibly worthwhile, but is also great fun.

By joining a club whose members are from various backgrounds, walks of life, nationalities and ages, you get to meet new people who quickly become friends.


A summer garden party

As well as all the hard work we do, we also arrange social events which ensure that we have time to get together and do what Soroptimists do best – eat, drink and talk!


Being a Soroptimist also brings opportunities to make friends all over the world –  our annual Federation Conference brings Soroptimists together from throughout the Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, and our International Convention, held every four years, is an opportunity to meet fellow Soroptimists from all over the world.


Soroptimists from throughout the East Midlands at the Montreal Convention


Members of any Soroptimist club are also ensured a warm welcome at the meetings or events of any other Soroptimist club if they happen to be on holiday, or away on business. Most clubs also have more formal links with a number of clubs in other countries, which often lead to lasting contact, visits and even joint projects.