P1050062What projects to support and how were discussed at the meeting on the 3rd October.  After a summary from Barbara McDonald, our Programme Action Officer of each project we currently run, the meeting split into groups to discuss the way forward.  The following are proposed as projects for the next year as a summary of comments received


  • Nottingham Women’s ) Refuges and POW(Prostitute Outreach Workers packs. Twice a year Nottingham Soroptimists assemble essential items and collect them in to packs.  Women often arrive at Refuges in a desperate state, these packs are intended to give them the basis, eg. toiletries and towels, etc. We help POW (Prostitute Outreach Workers) in the same way.

  • Meru Garden Project The project aims to create sustainable gardening techniques and tools for enabling women to become mentors and pioneers of agricultural sustainability within the community. Girls are also educated on their rights, empowering them to stand up to damaging cultural practices like FGM.  By providing economic opportunities to women and girls, this project will achieve long term change by strengthening entire communities; improving the lives and opportunities for children and generations to come.

  • Sierra Leone SI Nottingham have been collecting for our friends in SI Freetown, Sierra Leone. Members of this club run a project for the education of children orphaned by the Ebola outbreak, as their parents were health workers. Alternatively, supporting Street-Child UK may be investigated


  • Misogynyraising awareness of Misogyny, as Nottinghamshire police have now categorised it as a Hate Crime.

  • Prison Reform Trust Soroptimists throughout the UK contributed o the recent Prison Reform Trust report, particularly with respect to the experience of women in the Prison Service. Jenny Earle will visit us in the New Year to discuss further lobbying required


  • Collecting and assembling welcome packs as described above

  • Collecting Gently used Bras for the Purple Teardrop Campaign; this campaign raises the awareness of the general public to the plight and experience of trafficked women and children

  • Women’s Culture Exchange a group in Nottingham working with women asylum seekers, refugees and those with a migration background. SI Nottingham will be looking at ways to help them.

  • Journalist Prize. An annual prize donated to the best project written by a graduating Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University.

  • Nottingham Contact Centre Club members continue to volunteer to help in the running of the Centre.