winner of student journalist award 2017

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As part of her final year project, Nottingham Trent Broadcast Journalism graduate Jorjah Langthorp investigated media pressure on young women and their self-image in her project: Picture Perfect: the truth behind the images. On her choice of topic Jorjah said “I look at how my 13 year old younger sister reacts to social media, as compared to myself not too long ago.  The greater pressure is worrying

Now the work has been selected by the members of Soroptimist International of Nottingham as their top piece of journalism created by students at the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism at Nottingham Trent University.Student Journalist of the year 2017 Jorjah Langstrom

This is the fifth year SI of Nottingham has awarded a prize to a student journalist for a 3rd year project raising awareness of women’s issues in the media. This adds to the Soroptimist’s goal of enabling women and girls to achieve their potential.

Audrey Jones, Publicity Officer of the Soroptimist International of Nottingham said: “This was an excellent project, looking at the problem from various viewpoints. The execution of the video, with various interviews and graphics, kept our interest throughout.”