Welcome to S.I.Paisley


President Carol and members of S.I.Paisley welcome you to our Club website.

Here you will find information about the Club and our activities for the next year.  Meetings are held in the Glynhill Hotel, Paisley Road, Renfrew on Thursday evenings.  If you would like to come along to a meeting or find out more about us, please use the ‘Contact us’ form.

This year we are approaching the 74th anniversary of the Club – over the years members have been involved in a wide range of activities.  There have been many changes during this time, however the environment in which we live and work is as challenging now as when the Club was established.  The one thing which has not changed is the ethos of the Club and its members – we continue to work to improve the lives of women and girls locally, nationally and internationally.

Why not think about joining us?