President’s address 2018/19

I am very proud and honoured to continue to be your President during 2018/19, but suspect you will be glad to get rid off me in one year’s time. I could not even contemplate the next year if it were not for the knowledge that I know that firmly behind me is every club member who is striving with me to make this club as stable and strong as possible. Over last year we lost members to death and ill health but also we have gained  two new members and we are delighted that you have decided to join us. Our first task over the next year, all of us, is to retain members and get more new members. That is a task that affects all of us without exception. Our second task is to live up to the ideals of Soroptimism in all of our actions to ensure that our work is Educating, Enabling and Empowering women to be the best that they can be, this has to be the ultimate goal of improving life for them and for their families.

Our charities this year will be The Lodging House Mission and The Simon Community who support the Homeless in the Glasgow Area. We will fundraise as usual over the year but as the trials and tribulations of Homelessness are ongoing and particularly worse in the winter months then it may well be that we spend as we go along and repay as we fundraise. No point in waiting until May if help is needed in January.

So once again thank you to every member of this club for your contribution, physically, mentally and financially and I look forwards to working with you again over the next year.

Jean Ramsay