Programe Action 2014/15


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Thursday 16 October 2014 World Food Day

To mark this day we invited widows to lunch at Higham Village Hall where we had on display a blanket and a shawl made from knitted squares. These finished articles will be sent to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. President Maureen is wrapped in the blanket and Irene Hargreaves is wearing the baby shawl.


photo 3The picture on the left shows Rev Pam Nicholson and Irene Hargreaves.













16 June 2014

On Monday 16 June 2014 our speaker was Janette Drew from the NSPCC. Her talk was inspirational as she explained an overall view of the work carried out by the organisation. A question and answer session brought a very lively discussion. The picture below shows President Maureen with Janette Drew.


In the future funds will be raised to support the NSPCC.


22 March 2014

To celebrate World Water Day and raise awareness of this important date our members paid 0.5p for every beverage they drank and 0.10p for every alcoholic drink during the month prior to the 22 March 2014 and this raised £107.50 to be given to Water Aid. Members are shown raising their glasses.

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For World Food Day on the 16 October we presented a food hamper to the local Women’s Refuge.

The White Ribbon Campaign began on the 25 November. Our Programme Action Officer, Barbara made white ribbons for us which we sold to the general public and as a result we raised £107 which will provide the goods needed by the Women’s Refuge. The wearing of a white ribbon is used as a symbol to signify men’s opposition to violence against women and also as a symbol of hope for a world where women and girls can live free from fear of violence. We had speakers from the Pendle Domestic Violence Initiative.