Programme for 2017-18

Italian Night at Villa Blanca
May 5th Talking Newspaper
May 8th Executive Meeting
May 15th Charity Speaker
June 12th Executive Meeting
June 16th Talking Newspaper
June 19th Programme Action Meeting
July & Aug Saturdays Bed Making Calvert Trust
July 10th Executive Meeting
July 17th Evening Visit Kevin Scott to Thacka
Beck Bring and Share Supper at
Maureen Dixon’s
July 28th Talking Newspaper
Aug 14th Executive Meeting
Aug 21st Programme Action
Sept 8th Talking Newspaper
Sept 11th Executive Meeting
Sept 16th Regional Meeting
Sept 18th Members Night
Sept 24th Peace Day Service
Oct 4th International Night
Oct 7th Bag Pack Sainsburys
Oct 9th Executive Meeting
Oct 16th Speaker Pat Garside History of
Oct 20th Talking Newspaper
Nov 13th Executive Meeting
Nov 20th Programme Action
Nov 24th Wine and Cheese at Jo Laycocks
Dec 1st Talking Newspaper
Dec 11th Christmas Dinner Roundthorn

Jan 8th Executive Meeting
Jan 15th Programme Action
Feb 12th Executive Meeting
Feb 19th Speaker Meeting Chris Swift Vet
Feb 23rd Quiz Night
Mar 12th Executive Meeting
Mar 19th Programme Action Meeting
April 16th AGM – North Lakes Hotel