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Friendship Link 2017

SI Dhaka
Maniza Zaman, UNICEF Country Representative, Tanzania, daughter of our President Hasina Zaman, went with us to the Mogbazar Literacy Centre to address the mothers of the children on International Women’s Day. Her Husband, Mr. Jessus, also took part in the discussion. Her simple and easy way of talking about various women’s related issues make the ladies enthusiastic; they participated freely and answered different questions. They felt so free that they engaged themselves in the discussion. Following are some pictures of the events

2. Our Members encouraging the ladies who were previously informed about the guests to feel free and frank.  It was a fruitful event, later on snacks were distributed among the attendees. Our members also participated in the discussion.  Prof Naz Karim, Prof Jahan-e-Gulshan and Prof Najma Hasin are seen in the following pictures.

3. Distribution of text books at the beginning of the year. Children at Mogbazar Literacy Centre were overjoyed after getting the new text books.

4. SI Dhanmondi arranged a workshop on sustainable Development Programme and also observed International Women’s Day. Following are the pictures of SIC. Dhanmondi.