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Benefits of joining

If you join SI Poole you will immediately feel the positive ‘CAN DO’ and ‘WILL DO’ attitude. The enthusiasm for our projects and in our team is infectious.

You’ll get involved in projects that are interesting and stimulating, with project results that improve peoples’ lives.  This is a club that other clubs know and respect.

You’ll be joining a club that really makes a difference. SI Poole is a leading Soroptimist force in the campaign against human trafficking and we founded the charity ‘Purple Teardrop Campaign’.

You’ll make new and very loyal friends with like-minded ladies who care about other people and who actively do their best to achieve tangible and measurable results.

We focus the majority of our efforts locally to help improve the lives of women and girls within our local community who need our help, and we also select one or two international projects to support.

This is a dynamic club, which isn’t set in its ways but adapts to ideas, insights and best practice suggestions from its members.  If you want to, you can develop skills such as chairing meetings, managing projects, giving presentations – and serving cakes!

We invite you come along to at least one of our meetings.  There are various membership options, which we can discuss to help you decide which best fits your lifestyle.  We can also explain the process of joining and costs of membership.  To arrange a meeting, simply email  We look forward to hearing from you.