Charities we support

Charities we Support




Dorset-based charity that provides support to families where a family member suffers from leukeamia.

Poole Christmas Parcels

Partnership working to raise funds and provide Christmas cheer to the retired, unwell and vulnerable in our local community.




Cancer Research

Cancer Research Race 4 Life, Poole Park
18th June 2017

Purple Teardrop Campaign

Charity founded by Poole Soroptimists to combat human trafficking and raise funds to support human trafficking victims.



International President’s Appeal

Educate to Lead, Nepal.

Out of Afrika

Sponsorship of a Kenyan student through college.


Poole Soroptimists are aiming to fund the re-equipment of a maternity unit in Togo.

Toilet Twinning

Poole Soroptimists have funded 4 toilets in Nepal.


Members raised £400 in sponsorship doing Dorset WaterAid’s Walk 4 Water from Shell Bay to Swanage.