Tools for Self Reliance Cymru

SI Port Talbot are pleased to work in partnership with “Tools for Self Reliance Cymru” an organisation which refurbishes tools,sewing and knitting machines which are then sent to Tanzania where local people are taught to use the tools and set up workshops

As with a lot of good ides it started with a conversation about the number of tools we all have lying around. We all have old tools rusting away in the garden shed, a sewing machine lying idle in the attic,a knitting machine in the spare room – never used!! Discussions at a Club Business meeting revealed many members had numerous items which for sentimental reasons they could not bring themselves to throw away.
After some investigation ‘Tools for Self Reliance Cymru’ was located and we set about collecting items. When refurbished items are packed into containers, no space is wasted… sewing and knitting materials are packed into the smallest of spaces.

In Tanzania people are taught how to use the tools, to become blacksmiths and seamstresses and to set up workshops and businesses; in the workshops they are now able to make and refurbish tools themselves.
The money that is earned helps build schools, send their children to school and have allowed people to become self sufficient. We are also pleased that Welsh Government are also encouraging people to support this charity

We have collected to date:
over 4 tons of tools of all types
30 kilograms of knitting and sewing materials
140 sewing machines
– we are now able to report that TFSR now send two “containers” yearly and are pleased to support this effort.

What has been interesting is most of the people who have given all this have said the items belonged to someone special so they couldn’t just “dispose of them” and were really pleased they could go to give someone a real start in life and make a difference.

Look around your home or workplace – if you have any old tools, knitting or sewing machines or materials “Please Donate” … we can arrange collection.

MOST WANTED TOOLS !!!sewing machine

CARPENTRY : Claw hammers; Woodwork vices(medium); Rebate planes; Plough planes; Spoke shaves; Jack planes; Smoothing planes; Sash cramps and sash cramp ends.

Old tools and spannersBLACKSMITHS : Paraffin blowlamps; Pillar drills; Engineering & Leg vices (medium); Hand vices & Tap+Die sets; Hand operated grinders; Bolt cutters & Pipe-benders …….. and, of course, Anvils


All hand tools are welcome; those above are in short supply.pump

SI Port Talbot hold regular collection events -so watch out in the local press for details or contact us through the contact button on the left.

You can also contact TFSR through clicking on the link above or

on 01874 730155  ;  or 07929 109334 during open hours (Wed-Fri 10am-2pm; Saturday 10.30am – 12.30pm; Tuesday & Thursday Refurbishing 7.30pm – 9.30pm) please mention us when donating!