Club Diary 2016 – 2017

Here is a list of our events and activities from April 2016 to March 2017.
The club meets the first Tuesday evening in every month from 6.45pm – 9.30pm approx.

June 2nd     Business meeting

June 22nd   Executive meeting

June 23rd   Coffee morning at Janet’s in aid of Handicap International 11am -1pm.

July 2nd     Garden Party at Sara’s In aid of the women’s refuge.

July 5th      Business Meeting  Speaker Daisy Howden from Hill Street Centre

July 18th    AGM for Region

July 19th    Executive meeting

Aug. 2nd    Business meeting

Aug. 16th  Exec meeting

Sept  6th   Business meeting

Sept 20th  Executive meeting

Oct. 4th    Business meeting Pink Evening for Breast Cancer

Oct. 18     Executive meeting

Oct. 20th Coffee Morning for Breast Cancer awareness

Nov 1st    Business meeting

Nov 6th   Federation Conference Malta.

Nov 13th Laying wreath at memorial


Nov 22nd Executive meeting

Dec 2nd   Forgotten 10  Christmas Trees in Church.

Dec 6th   Business meeting. Raffle for International President’s charity

Dec 8th The forgotten 10. Stall in Clock Towers

Dec 20th Executive meeting

Jan 3rd   Business meeting

Jan 17th Executive meeting

Jan 23rd  AGM No 63.

Feb 7th   Business meeting

Feb 11th Valentines Quiz Night

Feb 21st Executive meeting

Mar 5th   World book day

Mar 7th   Business meeting

Mar 8th International Women’s day.

Mar 19th Sponsored walk for Water Aid

Mar 21st Executive meeting

April 4th  AGM









Other SI Rugby Events are show below. For more details please contact us using the Contact Form