Club Projects

Our Club project work is both local and International. By holding a variety of fundraising events we support these projects:


Our newest project is a partnership with Umbrella. The aim of Umbrella Halton is to promote racial harmony, equality and diversity and improve the lives of people from minority ethnic backgrounds who live or work in or visit Halton. Umbrella are currently providing support and helping to settle Syrian Refugee families who have come to live in the Borough. Members have recently raised funds to give the women the opportunity to attend dance fitness classes in a suitable environment.  The club is now planning to support a further programme of activities that will help the women to settle into the community.

The club has been encouraged in this work by Halton Borough Council Community Development and Project Officer.

Halton Haven Hospice

Our local Hospice like many others needs constant help with funding. It is vital to our community so we support it with donations from our fundraising events.

Halton Women’s Aid

The Club supports Halton Women’s Refuge by donating new towels and toiletries. “It is so nice to have my own brand new towels and toiletries for me and the children.” This remark was passed on by one of the women when she arrived at the centre.

Mastectomy Cushions

This is an ongoing project.  Members have produced special cushions designed to provide pain relief and remove discomfort following mastectomies. These have been passed on to the breast cancer ward or to women known to us who have undergone surgery. This year, to mark our 70th anniversary we made 70 cushions which were shared between Halton Hospital and the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Modern Day Slavery

The club supports the Frodsham Churches Against Trafficking group and whenever possible helps with awareness raising and fundraising activities for victims of human trafficking. Funds raised are given to the Salvation Army. We have made donations of warm clothing and Christmas gifts to City Hearts to support their work with trafficked victims.

Meru Women’s Garden Project

The club is supporting the Soroptimist Federation three year project in partnership with Child.Org. The Meru Women’s Garden Project aims to train some of the poorest women-led households in rural Kenya, and is entirely focused on providing opportunities to women and girls.

Water and Sanitation

Together with clubs around the world we support the Soroptimist International President’s Appeal 2017 – 2019, – Women Water and Leadership . This two year funding project will support women and girls   and enable them to have the capacity, experience and education needed to manage water resources  and gain careers in water related professions.

We regularly support Water Aid by circulating a water jug at our meetings into which members put the 5 pence pieces or other small change they have collected.

We also raise funds for Toilet Twinning – to date we have raised enough funds to twin four toilets in remote parts of Africa and Asia.

Marys Meals

Mary’s Meals  aims to provide chronically hungry children from poor and war torn parts of the world with one meal every school day, encouraging education that can lift them out of poverty in later life. It costs just £13.90 to provide school meals for a whole school year.

Pregnancy Twinning

Pregnancy Twinning is a small and emerging charity working in Malawi and now Nigeria. Pregnancy Twinning helps women in Malawi and now Nigeria to give birth safely.

Just £42.00 will support a Mum through her pregnancy, give her  the opportunity of a safe birth at a clinic, six moths of health and nutrition advice following birth and help with ARV treatment, if she is living with HIV, making sure that her baby is born HIV-free

Find out more about this project at

Other work

The Club also takes part in consultation by local bodies on an ad hoc basis, and responds to requests for funding as our resources allow. Please contact us via this website in the first instance.