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Salisbury STEM Careers Carousel

Could you help us enthuse young women to consider a fulfilling career in STEM? Would you give us a a few hours of your time to talk about your STEM career and what you love about it?

With the ‘freezing’ of our annual STEM Challenge due to Covid 19 restrictions, we have decided to go ahead and pilot our planned Careers Carousel event. We will run this towards the end of the summer term, with an aim to roll it out more widely in summer 2022. We are delighted that St Edmunds Girls School have agreed to come on board with us to enable us to run our pilot with them.

Girls chatting to a female STEM professional

How will it work?

A bit like a ‘speed dating’ format, the girls will have the chance to meet female STEM professionals in small groups for a conversation about their careers. They can talk about  what they studied and where, what they love about their jobs and the girls can ask any questions they like. Then after a short conversation, the girls move around the room to chat to another STEM professional. This will be aimed at our usual  STEM Challenge age group – 14-16 year old girls. We’d look to involve women working in a range of careers, covering all the STEM disciplines. Originally  planned as a face to face event, we  will take advice from the school nearer the time whether we use Zoom – or a blended event, some on Zoom, some face to face.

Can you help us?

Girls talking informally to a STEM professional If you are (or know) a female STEM professional who fits the bill for this event, please get in touch.  We may be doing at least part of this by Zoom so you don’t have to be local to Salisbury. As we haven’t yet set a date (for obvious reasons) we will circulate the date and time to those who give us their details once we know it and invite those who can make it.  As a guide, we are thinking of June or early July and probably just an afternoon during the week.