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A Conference Newcomer

A member of SI Scarborough, Lisa R Davies, attended a SIGBI Conference for the first time in Liverpool 2018. She felt moved to write to the SI Yorkshire President on her experience. As Lisa was a newest member of SI Yorkshire to attend Conference and as such, she had won a gift of her ticket, donated by SI Leeds.

My first Soroptimist conference was fantastic! It motivated me both as a Soroptimist and individual. To be with women who are all working towards a better world is amazing! Each are confident, happy within themselves and want all women to be so.  Positive energy filled the air and its accepted that its ok to fail just get up and get on. We learn, we can do, and we can positively empower, educate, and enable ourselves and others! I enjoyed the respect for each other as their own person who you are as an individual counts its ok to be you! Your ideas and views count discussion takes place with all to find the best path forwards for projects, all work together individual and as a team supporting each other to accomplish the project some projects are with other countries, their clubs some in your own community with your club whether you’ve been a member for 30+ years or just joined you are part of the team and you count! Soroptimism enhances your life, it has mine. Its just an amazing, immensely, empowering, place to be both for you as an individual and society as a whole! Talk about confidence boost! Oh, yes the flags at the  conference of all the Soroptimist organisations in our Federation was unbelievable. United Kingdom, Ireland, and all our sister, SIGBI clubs from around the world, truly a global organisation, and all these women together, inspire, help, enable, educate, empower women and girls around the world impacting on our societies which in turn helps all create better lives for themselves, their communities positively changing the lives of their families both male and female. Soroptimism for me is I-We Can Do! An extremely positive forward looking organisation.

Happy New Year!! Lisa xx