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Calendar for meetings and events 2019/20


Monday 7 January – Executive Meeting

Monday 14 January – Club Night – ‘De-Cluttering!’

Monday 4 February – Executive Meeting

Monday 11 February – Club Meeting – Photographic Presentation by Andrew Kent

Monday 4 March – Executive Meeitng

Monday 11 March – Club Meeting – Speaker – Maya Richardson, ‘Making Hospitals more Dementia Friendly’

Saturday 16 March – RCM at Garforth Academy

Monday 29 April – Annual General Meeting, followed by a Buffet Supper.

Tuesday 7th May – Executive Meeting

Monday 13th May – Club Meeting. Arrangements for 80th Charter weekend in June.

Saturday 1st June – SIGBI Development Day, Nottingham.

Monday 3rd June – Executive Meeting.

Monday 10th June – Club Meeting. Quiz Night with Bring Your Own Buffet.

Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th June – 80th Charter Weekend

Saturday 15th June – Harmonia Concert with Buffet, South Cliff Methodist Church.

Sunday 16th June – 80th Charter Lunch – Palm Court Hotel.

Saturday 22nd June – Regional Council Meeting. Askham Grange Prison.

Saturday 29th June – Yorkshire Conference and Lunch. Elvington Air Museum, York.

Monday 1st July – Executive Meeting.

Monday 8th July – Club Meeting. Speaker from CAMHS Children and Adolescent Health Service.

Monday 5th August – Executive Meeting.

Monday 12th August – Club Meeting. Making toiletry bags for EVA Womens Aid.

Monday 2nd September – Executive Meeting.

Monday 9th September – Club Meeting. Programme Action. Toilet Twinning.

Saturday 28th September – Regional Council Meeting AGM. EGM Francis Xavier School, Richmond.

Monday 7th October – Executive Meeting.

Monday 14th October – Club Meeting. Speaker Steve Blower from Sidewalk Youth Charity.

Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th October – SIGBI Conference Bournemouth. SI Scarborough club member, Rita Leaman comes in as SI Yorkshire Regional President.

Monday 4th November – Executive Meeting.

Monday 11th November – Club meeting. International Evening with Buffet.

Saturday 23rd November – Regional Council Meeting and Yorkshire Lunch. Scarborough club stewarding. Fairfield Mecure Hotel, Shipton Road. York. SI Scarborough club member Rita Leaman’s first RCM as SI Yorkshire President.

Monday 2nd December  – Executive Meeting.

Monday 9th December  – Club Meeting. Christmas Event. Twilight singing group. Buffet.

December – Christmas Lunch to be arranged.


Monday 6th January – Executive Meeting.

Monday 13th January – Club Meeting. Post Christmas De-Clutter for club charities.

Monday 3rd February– Exec Meeting.

Monday 10th February – Club Meeting. Speaker. Judith Clark from SI Richmond and Dales. Life as a Tour Guide.

Monday 2nd March – Exec Meeting.

Monday 9th March – Club Meeting. Speaker. Rainbow Trust, Scarborough.

Monday 20th April – Club Meeting. AGM. Buffet.








All Executive meetings are held at Montrosa, Esplanade Road, at 7.15pm.

All Club Meetings are held at Montrosa, from 7.00pm to 9.30pm.